An innovative points system throughout the trade show to benefit exhibitors and visitors alike
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EP For Exhibitors

Engagement points, referred to as EP, will feature across the platform as a means of encouraging valuable visitor/exhibitor interactions within the many facets of ITAVTS. A holistic system, points are awarded to visitors for a broad range of event activities, including discussion participation, session attendance and interacting with exhibitor booths. Forming part of the Ultra package, applicable booths also benefit from an enhanced EP value, amplifying the reward for user interactions.

Ultra booths benefit exclusively from enhanced engagement rewards, earning visitors greater EP value for interactions than standard and premium counterparts. This helps present interactions on the Ultra booths as of particularly high value.


All aspects of exhibitor interactions are awarded for all booth classes, encouraging visitors to take a comprehensive approach to available exhibitor materials and facilitating a greater opportunity for valuable visitor connections.


Exhibitors who successfully generate leading levels of visitor engagement will feature on our trending exhibitors watchlist, which features on the EP Centre page. From here, the pathway to those featured booths is immediately accessible, generating an avenue for enhanced footfall and awarding a strong event presence.


Also featured on the EP Centre, engagement across the platform is tracked and presented publicly through real-time table standings. For visitors, this feature contextualises their event experience, placing their efforts amongst the wider cohort. From an exhibitor perspective, however, it highlights those who are consistently connecting with exhibitors, consuming site content and engaging in social interactions.


As well as the professional recognition gained from featuring on the table standings, real, tangible awards are presented to the event’s leading visitors. This helps enhance a visitor’s personal motivation to continue in widescale site engagement, with exhibitors positioned as a central channel of points distribution.


Virtual awards, delivered in the form of profile badges, award individuals for optimising their time on the platform and engaging with the array of features available. For exhibitors, they identify visitors who have demonstrated high levels of engagement and therefore may generate high value interactions.