An innovative points system throughout the trade show to benefit exhibitors and visitors alike
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EP For Visitors

Supporting the visitor experience, engagement points – referred to as EP – contextualise time spent connecting with others across the platform with a consistent, competitive and coherent metric. Essentially, for every booth visited or roundtable attended, visitors will earn EP, which are linked to a unique, personal profile. These points help track activity, ensuring the visitor maintains value consistency over the duration of the show. Earn enough and visitors will have the chance to rank on the visitor leaderboard – an area of the EP Centre that exemplifies strong engagement and rewards not only an elevated visitor status, but the potential to earn real, tangible prizes.

Personal activity tracking

Higher accumulated visitor EP equates to more optimised time engaging with valuable content. Maximising the visitor experience is crucial, and EP presents a clear and consistent means of tracking personal platform activity across the event's duration.


The ITA Tannoy provides programme reminders throughout the event via non-intrusive message notifications, alerting visitors to scheduled, high-value content offering EP awards.


The EP table standings highlight the most active and engaged users globally across the platform. For the few who lead the standings, personal prizes award dedicated and consistent activity.


Significant EP accumulation results in the earning of event badges, which are presented on each visitor's personal profile. When a milestone is reached, a notification will alert to the achievement and the award will be immediately viewable to other event attendees.