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Exhibitor Guidelines

Key Dates & Timeframes

Submission of ‘Request to exhibit’
Issue of 100% payment invoice for payment within 15 days of booking

Note: Full payment to be received before virtual booth development starts
15 September 2020
Issue of ‘Acceptance of order’
Within 2 working days
Virtual booth build completed by WTiN
25 September 2020
Exhibitor virtual booth access for sign-off
02 October 2020
Exhibitor feedback on virtual  booths  
07 October 2020
ITA duration
Exhibitor access: 0000 hours to 2400 hours
Visitor access: 0000 hours to 2400 hours  

Required: man the booth minimum 4  hours per day (Mon-Fri); these hours can be split between different regional  teams
Recommendation: Offline chats and meeting responses to be responded within 24 hours.
15–30 October 2020

Important Contact Information

The Organiser
World Textile Information Network (WTiN)
West One, 114 Wellington Street
United Kingdom
The Venue
Order Booking
General enquiries:
Post-booking exhibitor enquiries:
Seminar participation:
Visitor registration:
Technical Service
(booth development)
Booth development - submission of collateral -

Best Practices for Exhibitors

  1. Provide 150 words for company description.
  2. Provide high resolution logo in png, jpeg & ai formats.
  3. Provide 10 search keywords.
  4. No more than five meeting requests can be ‘pending’ at any given time. Please respond to any meeting requests or offline chats within 24 hours.
  5. Each booth type (Standard, Premium and Ultra) have different design specifications. Please refer to the Design Specifications section, shown below for this information.
  6. Visitors from all over the globe will attend the trade show and in some cases English will not be their first language. It will be good practice if your videos can have subtitles in English, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese. Various translation providers can offer this service. For reference WTiN has used to create subtitles in multiple languages for its roundtables and conference content.
  7. Publicise your participation in this virtual trade show by making a press announcement. WTiN has created a repository of approved email signature banners, web banners and logos. Exhibitors should use these to promote their participation in ITAVTS. Please download these from here

House Rules

  1. Each qualified exhibitor MUST display all elements of the booth structure.
  2. Information stands without video are permitted for publishers, universities and research institutes only.
  3. The exhibition and promotion, directly or indirectly, of second-hand machinery/accessories/parts/products are strictly prohibited.
  4. Restrictions on information and promotion: a) Distribution of information pertaining to the exhibitor’s products outside the booth. Marketing activities such as sharing collateral on another company’s chat facility is restricted. Excluded from this restriction is advertising in the Show Guide sponsorship of seminars, roundtables and conferences. b) Any type of advertising activities in favour of non-exhibiting companies or organisations. c) If an exhibitor wants to use the name of another exhibitor or the name of a product of another exhibitor on his stand, this should be subject to prior written approval by the respective other exhibitor. WTiN will take measures such as closing down the virtual booth if the other respective company complains.
  5. Protection of trademark and intellectual property rights: a) Exhibitors must not infringe or otherwise violate, directly or indirectly, seek to infringe and/or violate the intellectual property rights of other exhibitors and of third parties, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights etc. when displaying their products at ITA. All necessary measures shall be taken by the exhibitor before displaying product information. b) WTiN is exempt from any liability in connection with the infringement or other violation of intellectual property rights by an exhibitor. The exhibitor shall indemnify and hold the organiser harmless in case of any such infringement or other violation.
  6. Admission, invalidity of admission, premature termination of rental contract - each booth staff member will receive their individual login and it should not be shared with third parties.

Design Specification

The Media & Technology department of World Textile Information Network operates on a PC platform in Adobe Creative Suite CC. Graphic material should be submitted in digital format utilising the following specifications:

File format - JPG / JPEG

Resolution - 300dpi

Colour space (mode) - RGB

Graphic Representation - Please be aware graphics supplied are will be subject to cropping and a proof will be sent to clients for approval.

Ultra Booth

Width (pixels) Height (pixels)
1 Back Curve 875 105
2 Front Curve 986 166
3 Feature Video 365 183
4 Back Panel 811 325
5 Pull Up Right 115 292
6 Brochure 1 452 645
7 Brochure 2 452 645
8 Brochure 3 452 645
9 TV Seminar 750 433

Premium Booth

Width (pixels) Height   (pixels)
1 Right Back Panel 222 308
2 Left Back Panel 223 312
3 Left Back Panel Extend 207 300
4 Right Back Panel Extend 207 300
5 Pull Up Right 165 421
6 Feature Video 335 208
7 Table - Meeting-Chat 600 310
8 Brochure 1 452 645
9 Brochure 2 452 645
10 Brochure 3 452 645
11 Top Banner 597 49

Standard Booth

Width   (pixels) Height   (pixels)
1 Left Side Back Panel 450 646
2 Back Panel Left 319 646
3 Back Panel Right 279 645
4 Right Side Back Panel 466 645
5 Feature Video 472 293
6 Pull Up Right 169 420
7 Brochure 1 452 645
8 Brochure 2 452 645
9 Brochure 3 452 645
10 Table - Meeting-Chat 600 310

For any additional enquiries email